We offer two types of records for viewing: Land Records and Tax Records. They are billed separately, and on a per county basis. Pricing is as follows:

REGISTRATION: There is a one time registration fee for new subscribers for the amount of $125.00 that is not refundable. If you keep your account active by doing at least one search a year you will not be charged this fee again.
MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: $79 per county, per record type (Land/Tax). This is a recurring monthly charge.
DAY PASS: $29 per county, per record type. (Land/Tax)

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (Additional Users): $20 per county, per user, per record type. This is a recurring monthly charge. (Land/Tax)

For customers paying via invoice there is a $5.00 surcharge each month for processing. Invoicing is billed a month in advance to allow time for processing & handling. Invoice payments must be received at our office before the first of the month or account will be deactivated until further payment is received. For a new subscriber, payment must be received before your account is activated.

Before registering or purchasing counties please read our terms of service located here. View Terms

Absolutely no systematic, methodological organized downloads in an attempt to copy complete database and/or images are acceptable. User will forfeit all rights and the use of this site.

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